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Our national carrier for the period between January to April of the following year decided to come up with an attractive offer on return flights Prague - Dusseldorf with a price of only 2990 CZK, including all airport taxes and charges. The main attraction of this offer but it is not so much the price, but rather a huge amount of departure and arrival dates - which directly adapts to your holiday. The whole deal with the possibility of immediate booking available here.

Düsseldorf is the capital of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (German Nordrhein-Westfalen). He lives in him 581,858 inhabitants on an area of ​​217.0 square kilometers. The oldest part of the city's district Kaiserswerth. Düsseldorf came from the well-known writer Heinrich Heine, after which it is named and the Academy of Arts. It is one of the shopping centers in Germany. There is the largest international airport in the area. The tallest building in the city's television tower Rheinturm, which measures 240.5 meters.

Also the Czech national carrier CSA does not want to be left behind, and published his special autumn offer cheap airline tickets. We have selected the most interesting. All departures are from Prague and of course prices include all taxes and fees.

Bahrain 11 990 CZK
Kuwait 11 990 CZK
Bangkok 12 990 CZK
Colombo 12 990 CZK
Beijing 11 990 CZK
Sydney 23 990 CZK
Melbourne 23 990 CZK

Tickets at these prices you can book directly on the CSA website until 20 November 2011. The journey then you realize, no later than 31. 3. 2012th

CSA prepared a very interesting autumn menu. Since September 21, 2011 offering flights to one of the countries of the United Arab Emirates - Dubai. This place is famous for its artificial palm islands, an infinite range of shopping facilities, huge entertainment centers, but also, for example, a luxury golf resorts.

If you purchase a ticket - price starts at CZK 8,990 including all taxes and poplatů, see the price of transportation by air-conditioned bus from the airport directly to the city center. Bus timetable is designed to directly followed on arrivals and departures. Flights can be booked directly to the CSA.

Before the weekend, we have again a special offer from CSA. The following prices are for return flights from Prague including all taxes and charges. Dates flight from 1 October to 15 December 2011.

Copenhagen Praha 2 663 CZK
Prague Paris 3 074 CZK
Rome Praha 3 296 CZK
Amsterdam Praha 3 642 CZK
Milan Praha 2 933 CZK
Barcelona Praha 3 878 CZK
Hamburg Praha 4 049 CZK
Prague Abu Dhabi 8 990 CZK
Athens Praha 6 540 CZK
Prague Frankfurt 4 188 CZK
Dusseldorf Praha 3 924 CZK
Warsaw Praha 2 832 CZK
Zurich Praha 4 074 CZK
Brussels Praha 3 999 CZK
Prague Stockholm 4 578 CZK

Tickets at these special prices are available until midnight 14. 8. 2011. You can book them directly to the CSA.

CSA slightly expanded our eastern neighbors. So now you can fly from Bratislava free transfer in six European cities on the wings of CSA. Czech Airlines opened new direct flights from Bratislava to Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Larnaca, Amsterdam, Rome and Paris. This news will please many residents of Moravia who have it in Bratislava closer than Prague.

In June, CSA started to fly from Prague to Barcelona twice a week, three times in Brussels as well as to Larnaca in Cyprus, four to Amsterdam five times in Rome and even seven times in Paris. Flights will be secured Boeing 737-500. Rates start including all paplatků on the amount of 3 147 CZK for a return ticket to Brussels, and ends at 5 578 CZK per return flight to Larnaca in Cyprus. Flights can be booked directly to the Student Agency.

Yet another interesting offer from CSA. This, our domestic airline offers return flights from Bratislava to Larnaca at 5500, - CZK. Cyprus is an especially desirable during the summer tourist destination, so for individual travelers not easy here flights at a reasonable price to get.

Therefore, take advantage of holiday offer CSA flights a book on Student agency in a timely manner.

If you are still looking for where to spend this year's vacation, during which you will experience a fantastic swim in the warm sea, while you spend a lot of money, look at the menu CSA. That in some periods (see below) offers return flights from Prague to Rhodes for 1990, - CZK. The price includes all mandatory taxes and surcharges. Cheap flights reservations directly to the Student Agency, cheap flights to distant and exotic places then here.

Available dates Prague - Rhodes

07/22/2011 → 02/08/2011
02/08/2011 → 08/12/2011
23/08/2011 → 02/09/2011

And there again, Weekend CSA - 72 Happy Hours with CSA. Flights can be until Sunday booked to many European cities and the Middle East. As an example we return flights from Prague Ruzyne to St Petersburg for 8154 CZK, or to Amsterdam for 3640 CZK. Prices are final, including all fees and therefore the taxi.

On offer are a total of 21 attractive tourist destination, it is plenty to choose from. If you are considering flying with CSA, so now it is the ideal opportunity.

Holidays CSA has prepared a very attractive holiday offer. It offers cheap return flights from Prague to Mallorca for the price of just under three thousand CZK. Ticket price includes all taxes and mandatory fees.

These cheap tickets are available at a very attractive holiday dates in July and August. You can reserve them directly on the CSA website or here.

I CSA sometimes come with an interesting offer. Now when booking tickets to the July 10, 2011 offer cheap flights from Prague Ruzyne to various European destinations such as Bordeaux, Bologna, Rome and Oslo. Prices for return flights including all fees and taxes only a few dozen crowns more than EUR 3000, - CZK.

Flights can be booked directly to the CSA.